One of my favorite memories of college dates back to the spring semester of my freshman year. My friends and I had returned from a night out, our bodies full of liquor and ready for sleep, and my good friend who had been blessed with a rather large sized triple bedroom in our dorm building […]

“The passions of the young are vices in the old.” -Joseph Joubert

When I moved into my new dorm during my sophomore year at Fordham, I expected no surprises. The second floor was an all girls’ floor, my freshman roommate and close friend lived right across the hall, and my third roommate was a transfer who my original roommate and I begrudgingly took in with latent resentment […]

It sickens me to hear about what Abercrombie and Fitch CEO Mike Jeffries has said about his clothes. They’re “exclusionary” and meant to clothe popular kids only, and anyone who’s overweight or uncool just frankly isn’t meant to belong to the elite, super cool Abercrombie squad. Talk about creating cliques in the fashion industry. So […]

This one-act play was an assignment for my creative writing class that I took my sophomore year of high school, and it remains today to be one of my favorite pieces that I’ve written.  Characters: VIVIAN: a nursing student at Hunter College SAL: an obnoxious train rider (VIVIAN boards the train at her stop. Seeing […]

When you’re getting to know just about anyone, one way or another you’re going to get on the topic of, as immortalized by Arnold Schwarzenegger in Kindergarten Cop, “who is your daddy, and what does he do for a living?” Okay, so it usually doesn’t come up outright like that, but your friends are going […]

Enough with this prim and proper ladies of the past bullshit. Whoever formulated gender roles back in the days of Republican motherhood and keeping a woman caged in the home was wrong. We live in a society where being female and enjoying sex connotes promiscuity and unscrupulousness. It’s sinful to think that a girl can […]