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Battery Place

Faces of every continent meet And surround the attractions on each street Every corner they adorn But mine is a fate of water born The river Hudson I call my friend On whose rolling ripples I depend For a brief holiday of solitude When I take my lunch around twelve noon While the rest visit […]


You torch my spirit and burn my pride– But your sting on my lips tastes so sweet

Grand Central

I was inspired to write this when I was walking through Grand Central to get to the Subway during morning rush hour on my way to my internship today. A morning well spent Treading through a sea of thousands Rushing, racing, roaring ‘Til we find our ways out A frantic struggle against the urban tides […]


Drag me in with your snow-capped waves, Send your small, white rivulets down my spine, Envelope me with your cool, crisp arms Keep me warm in your blue frosty puddles As your salt expands on my nostrils And embeds itself into my hair Bring me to my foamy, blissful home

Train Rides with Rude Strangers

This one-act play was an assignment for my creative writing class that I took my sophomore year of high school, and it remains today to be one of my favorite pieces that I’ve written.  Characters: VIVIAN: a nursing student at Hunter College SAL: an obnoxious train rider (VIVIAN boards the train at her stop. Seeing […]